1.  Create a volBrain account.

2.  (Required if you have DICOM images) Download dcm2nii at

3.  File compression software (usually already available on your OS).

4.  (Optional) Download ITKSnap for visualization at

Conversion to NIfTI format and upload

1.  Convert and anonymized your DICOM image to NIfTI using dcm2nii (by default Anonymize=1 in your dcm2nii.ini file. Please check it).

2.  (Optional) Check the result using ITKSnap.

3.  Compress your NIfTI file (gz, zip or rar). Do not generate a .tar nor include any subfolder.

4.  Upload your data to volBrain using your account.

12 minutes later...

Download results

1.  You will receive an email informing you that the process is finished. It includes a PDF report and a CSV file.

2.  Login to volBrain website.

3.  In your user area, you will be able to download the results in native or MNI space.

4.  Check the results using ITKSnap.

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